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My Better Belly...

seeks to enlighten, inform and encourage those who are ready to do just a little bit better each day to improve their health and well-being.  On the blog you will find topics ranging from weight loss support to DIY household products in the effort to support your journey.  

Hippocrates once said that "All disease begins in the gut," and "Let food be thy medicine."

Everyday more and more medical research supports this notion that we are what we eat and the quality of these foods are often the most determining factor on how healthy we are.  This is certainly my truth and I'm here to share it with you.  

Why the Sankofa bird?

In the West African country of Ghana, the word "sankofa" means "Go back and get it."  This mythical bird flies forward while looking backwards.  The egg in its mouth represents the future.  As we journey together towards better health, I want us to remember how we arrived at our present states.  Whether you are seeking to reduce stress, lose weight, regain energy, or eat responsibly, we all know that in order for success to prevail, we must acknowledge our past mistakes so that we may avoid making the same ones in the future.