You’ve got questions? Let’s try to answer them.

Q: Where can I purchase Better Belly treats?

A: We are an online operation and do not work out of our own brick and mortar store. You can find us a a few vendor fairs yearly. Follow us on social media for those events. Currently you can purchase select quiche at L!VE Café in Oak Park,  select quiche and Birdie Bars at all three Sip & Savor Cafés in Chicago, and vegan carrot cakes at Heritage Café in Chicago.

Q: Do you have an online order form?

A: Our order form is located under the CONTACT button in the navigation bar. Because our cupcakes and cakes are custom and can be mixed and matched, a standard order form would be confusing. For example, you may want a dozen cupcakes from all three categories, each having a different price point. So we ask that you tell us specifically what you’d like and then we’ll send you a quote/invoice from there. Our cakes are also custom and require a brief consultation, usually done by email, text or phone.

Q: How far in advance do I have to place my order?

A: We ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice for everything except cupcakes and cakes. For those we ask for at least 1 week. Often we must purchase special decorations that take time to order and ship. The more time you can give us the better to ensure that we are able to provide you exactly what you need.

Q: Do you deliver to the suburbs?

A: Yes. There is a small delivery fee based on miles traveled.

Q: Since you do not have a physical store, can I still pick up my order?

A: Yes! We create our delicious treats out of Kitchen Chicago at 324 North Leavitt, Chicago. We can always arrange for you to pick up your items there.

Q: I have a lot of food allergies. How do I know if an item will meet my dietary requirements?

A: Better Belly is all about food safety for our customers. Feel free to ask about our ingredients by clicking the CONTACT button in the navigation bar. You don’t have to place an order to ask.

Q: Can you make my cake/cupcakes dairy free and gluten free?

A: All of Better Belly’s product line are gluten free. You can request dairy free for cakes and cupcakes when placing your order.

Q: Is your pie crust vegan?

A: No. Our pie crust is definitely not vegan. However, I’ve had many people ask me to create one and we are working hard in the kitchen to find the right vegan ingredients to create a pie crust that is worthy of the Better Belly name.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards, cash and Quick Pay.

Q: I have a business that would love to carry your products. Do you have a product list for wholesale purchases?

A: We sure do! Just let us know about your business and include your business website on the contact form.

Q: Do you cater events or do large orders?

A: We certainly do large orders and in most cases can cater your event. Just let us know what you need and we can see if it’s something we can accommodate.

Q: Will you be adding more allergy friendly foods to your menu?

A: We are always working on new and innovative desserts to offer our customers. Follow us on social media and visit the website regularly for our latest additions.

Q: I noticed that most of your treats are sold by the dozen. What if I don’t need that many?

A: Unfortunately at this time we are unable to create single serving treats. However, depending on when you inquire, we may be able to accommodate you. It never hurts to ask. Mini hand pies and apple pies are the easiest for us to make in small quantities.

Q: Can I freeze my treats if I want to save them for later?

A: Yes! Most of our items freeze beautifully! Quiche, Birdie Bars, carrot cakes and cupcakes freeze the best.