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Welcome to Better Belly!

Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut."  For many of us, simple foods such as wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs are no longer options for our diet. Finding desserts without these belly aggravating ingredients are few and far between. At Better Belly, we are continuously adding delicious, allergy friendly dessert options to our menu to make this search easier. No longer do you have to sacrifice taste and texture to enjoy the sweets you’re used to. We’ve got you covered.

Peach Cobbler cupcake

Peach Cobbler cupcake


ALL Better Belly products are gluten free and use organic ingredients whenever possible. Often, gluten free foods are dry, crumbly and lack the textures that we commonly associate with foods that contain gluten.  Creating breads and pastries are without a doubt the most difficult.  At Better Belly, we make gluten free foods that your friends and family would never guess were gluten free.